General Director statement:

Welcome to the website of the Global Management Development and Capacity Building Group. The Center was established with the major strategic objective of creating advanced management models and working to mainstream their application in the quest to improve Syrian and Arab development performance. We have a vision ahead of us that is the right way to contribute to the further development of Syria and the Arab country is the development of the Arab administrative culture, which requires the existence of consulting centres and capacity-building capable of stimulating the power of Arab administrative cultural development and disseminating its applications in the field.

Hence, the Centre's message is as follows:

  • Training and qualification is a critical engine for the development of human performance.

  • Consulting and development to develop a proper management.

  • quality education and excellence to achieve excellence in institutional performance.

  • Developing human, administrative and institutional performance are fundamental pillars of comprehensive development.

The values and messages that we believe in since the founding of our Group in 2008 have resulted from our full belief in the commitment and work to support and develop human resources and business sectors at all levels for governmental and private business organizations.

The interest of the global management group in the quality of work and training has made it one of the leading centres in this sector. As a result, it was the first Syrian training group to receive the international quality certificate 9001-2008.

This is based on values based on transparency, integrity and selectivity of work, in order to achieve catalytic work outcomes with effective positive results.

We believe in global management group to communicate effectively with our clients through our implementation of training programs and scientific and economic conferences.

Because we care and believe in the mission of scientific research in order to elevate the functioning and social performance to the highest levels, the Global Management Management Group for Management Development and Capacity Building has a name that explains the highest meaning of the honour of the profession and will remain with God's help from leading centers locally, Arabs and internationally.

General Manager

Dr.Abdullah Hashem





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In the process of improving the administrative work and implementing quality management systems, a memorandum of understanding was...

Latest News

First Graduate from professional fellowship Training Management In Planning
In Damascus University this morning, the first batch of the professional fellowship programme in planning quality management was graduated. Within the ongoing participatory project between the University of Damascus - Higher Institute of Regional Planning and the Center for Global Management in cooperation with TUV Austria, which is the first programme in Syria on planning systems and international ISO specifications with real international credits. Diversity of participants from various engineering, medical and economic sectors. The certificates were delivered...
First Graduate from professional fellowship Training Management In Planning