Certified Budget Manager - CBM
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 15 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • Budget managers (analysts).

  • Financial managers and candidates

  • Heads of accounts.

  • Candidates for any of the previous positions.

  • Directors of companies and businessmen.

  • Interested in international certificates in the field of accounting and financial management CMA, CPA and IFRS.

the aim of the program

The program aims to familiarize trainees with the latest concepts, methods and skills needed to plan, prepare, manage and analyze short-term and long-term budgets, as well as prepare expected financial lists and study the concepts related to budgets.

training content

Part I: Cost Management Concepts:

  • Basic concepts of cost management

  • Total and variable cost theory.

  • Indirect manufacturing cost distribution systems.

  • Production order costs system

  • Production-stage cost system.

  • Activity-based cost system.

  • Product life cycle cost system

  • Common costs system

Part II: Overall budget and estimated financial statements:

  • Forecasting and sales balancing (revenues).

  • Production balance

  • Procurement budget

  • Balancing material use

  • Industrial wage balance.

  • Balancing sales and marketing expenses.

  • Balance of public and administrative expenses

  • Operating balance (estimated income list)

  • Balance Cash

  • List of estimated cash flows

  • Estimated financial position list.

Part III Performance management and Liability Accounting System

  • Concept of a liability accounting system

  • The components of the accountability system.

  • Decentralization and responsability centers

  • budget planning schemes

  • Standard cost system.

  • Performance evaluation criteria.

  • Analysis of static and flexible balance deviations.

  • Branch and section managers evaluation

  • Rate of return on investment.

  • Surplus profit rate

Part IV capital budgets:

  • Concept of capital budgeting

  • Concept of cash flows

  • Capital budget preparation

  • Ways and methods of valuing investments

  • The method of net present value.

  • the method of Internal rate devedend

  • Recovery period process

  • charges deducted recovery period process

  • the process of accounting rate of dividend (rate of dividendson investment).

  • the process of Profitability indecater

  • Analysis of equalisation



what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A certificate issued by Global Management

  • An International Certificate issued by TUV Austria - Optional

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Certified Budget Manager (CBM) Course