Certified Financial Manager
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 30 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • Financial managers wishing to achieve professional qualification documenting their work experience and gain knowledge that enables them to perform their careers in a sophisticated scientific style and approach

  • All specialists and employees in the field of financial and administrative auditing .

  • All  employees in the accounting field who wish to achieve professional qualification to assume leadership positions in the financial accounting field.

  • employees and specialists in the banking and investment sector.

the aim of the program

A professional training program that helps financial managers who want to obtain professional qualification that documents their work experience and gain knowledge that enables them to perform their careers in a sophisticated scientific method and curriculum

training content

I: the concept of Financial Management:

  • the aim of financial management from the perspective of ( the owner, the administration, employees) and the interaction of the stakeholders' interests.

  • Definition of financial management functions

II: Prepare the financial lists according to the international standards:

  • Describing the financial lists content

  • the financial center list

  • the income list

  • List of changes in property rights

  • List of cash flows

  • Explanation of the most important accounting standards

  • The international accounting standard-1-presenting financial statements.

  • The international accounting standard-2-inventory

  • The international accounting standard-7-list of cash flows

  • The international accounting standard-8-variation in the accounting estimates,errors and changement in financial policies.

  • The international accounting standard-11- construction contracts.

  • III: long-term investment decisions:

  • Administrative principles governing fixed assets and invested funds

  •  Investment decisions. 

  • IV: short-term financing decisions:

  • Administrative principles governing traded assets and invested funds.

  • Capital and management strategies.

  • Managing Debit Accounts

  • Investing in Inventory

  • Cash management and liquidity planning

  • V: Long-term financing decisions:

  • defining financing frame

  • buisness and financial risks.

  • Balancing return and risk

  • Long-term financing resources.

  • VI: financial planning tools and setting the expected financial statements:

  • overall budget.

  • income budget.

  • revenues budget

  • production budget

  • expanses budget

  • investing budget

  • VII: Financial analysis tools to evaluate,maintain the decision and financing and investement results:

  • Financial analysis tools.

  • Horizental financial analysis

  • Vertical financial analysis

  • Financial Analysis in Ratios

  • Tools for setting the final report regarding the financial analysis.

  • Using the financial analysis to predict and to plan the future.

  • VIII: Financial crises management:
  • Crises managing.

  • liquidity crises.

  • profit crises

  • investing crises

  • financing crises.

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A certificate issued by Global Management Group

  • An International Certificate issued by TUV Austria - Optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Certified Financial Manager - CFM - Course