Professional marketing for managers
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 30 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

Specialized training program for managers and supervisors of marketing departments. This training program helps them to learn the skills required to manage the marketing team in a professional manner and achieve higher rates of marketing operations.

the aim of the program

This training program is designed to enable attendees to practice and apply through many discussions and mutual interaction. Participants will also be able to return to their work and apply information learned in marketing management process by acquiring managerial and supervisory skills to successfully oversee the marketing team.

training content

First Axis: Marketing Arts and Skills

  • Different Concepts of Marketing

  • Activate Marketing Roles in Corporate Development

  • Divide Markets and Target Segments

  • Marketing steps and phases.

  • Developed Types of marketing

  • Modern mixed marketing

  • Marketing research

  • competitive advantage industrialization.

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • effective marketing plan

Second Axis:Managerial and supervisory skills of managers and supervisors:

  • First supervisory skill

  • Communication skill

  • Planning skill

  • Organizational skill

  • Guidance skill

  • oversight skill

  • Decision making and problem solving

  • Time Management

  • Negotiating skill

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A Certeficate issued by Global Management

  • An International Certificate by TUV Austria - Optional

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Professional Marketing for Managers & Supervisors Course