Session duration Number of hours
5 Hours 30 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • Occupational Safety, Health Managers and Safety Specialists at Sites, Companies and Government Bodies

  • Members of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee of Companies and Government Bodies

  • All staff in Companies and Production locations.

  • those who aspire to Work in safety domain.

the aim of the program

  • Introduction to the concept of occupational safety,health and the risks to workers during the performance of their work

  • Familiarizing with the importance of safety at different workplaces 

  • Identifing the risks to employees at the worksites

  • Safety precautions to be taken at the worksites

  • How to deal with fires and how to extinguish them 

  • Define safety standards at different worksites in accordance with international standards

training content

  • Occupational Safety and Health Legislation

  • Safety Tasks personal protective equipment

  • Stairways and stairs (STAIRWAYS AND LADDERS)

  • Work Surfaces and Walks (COUNTERTOPS AND Work Surfaces)

  • Escape pathways when disasters occur (fire - explosion - earthquake)

  • fires, how to extinguish them and fire extinguishers FIRE SAFETY

  • Inflammable liquids and flammable liquids Inflammable

  • crane safety

  • Chemical hazardous communication

  • closeing power sources and highlightning them with signs

  • Hazardous (classifies) locations

  • Welding/cutting Brazing

  • Full protection from falling

  • scaffolds

  • Electrical Hazards

  • Confined spaces

  • Occupational health envirnmental control

  • Osha excavation and trenching

  • Osha terms in general industries

  • Osha terms in constructional industries

what we offer

  • scientific Material

  • A Certificate issued by Global Management Group.

  • An International Certificate issued by TUV Austria -optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

OSHA Construction Industry Training Course