Protocol & Etiquette for VIP Managers
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 24 Training Hour

the programme is addressed to

  • Employees in Public relation sectors.

  • Managers and secretarials VIPS and Ministers' offices.

  • Adminstration functions occupants that mostly need interactions and direct dealing with multi cultural communities.

The aim of the program

This training course aims to familiarize itself with the basic principles of protocol ethics, honours, protocol, etiquette and training in dealing with different attitudes that require familiarity with the rules of courtesies and honours in multicultural societies, and how to deal with VIPs.

training contents

  • An intro into Protocole, etiquette and  ceremonies.

  • Ceremonies and Protocoles principles.

  • Character components and concepts.

Methods of human thinking in solving problems of ceremonies, etiquette and dealing with VIPs

  • creative, logical and analytical thinking

Effective communication skills to form the ceremonies.

  • the communication component process

  • obstecles of effective communication

  • effective communication and ceremonies

  • Listening and speaking etiquette.

  • skillfulness in dealing with various types of human beings through different multicultural frames.

methods of dealing with the VIPS

  • impressions management with the VIPs.

  • discussion skills and methods when dealing with the VIPs.

  • features and properties of behaviour of VIPs

  • the most important Keys of the VIPs

Protocole, ceremonies and honorary

  • The requirements to be met in the protocol and honorary process.

  • Rules governing the art of ceremonies and honours.

  • Issuing invitations and arranging tables.

  • Quality standards for restaurants

  • organizing official and diplomatic parties.

  • Protocol to visit dignitaries coming from abroad.

  • Rules for raising and deflating flags

Protocol and organization of VIP meetings and press conferences

  • Objectives of meetings and conferences

  • Protocols for organizing meetings and press conferences

  • Rules for the preparation of minutes of meetings and conferences

Social and official etiquette rules and ethics for VIPs

  • Greetings, acquaintances and handshakes with VIPs

  • Conduct with ladies.

  • Exchange of forbidden gifts, flowers and gifts.

  • Etiquette Call VIP

  • Etiquette Rules for Email and Internet Use.

  • Etiquette of laughter and smiling

buisness ethics protocole and etiquette

  • The concept of ethics and conduct.

  • Compatibility of work ethics and protocol concepts

what we offer

  • Scientific material

  • A vocatinal certificate issued by The Ministry of Tourism.

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Protocol & Etiquette for VIP office managers Course