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Restaurants Management
Session duration Number of hours
3 hours Hours 30 hours Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • Food managers.

  • Restaurateurs.

  • Human resources managers.

  • Investors and entrepreneurs. 

  • Those who are interested in the food industry

the aim of the program

Qualifying participants on the best professional methods to manage and operate restaurants. This program is based on the experience of leading restaurants. It also explains and applies financial and marketing process, procurement process, suppliers, team management, conformity of specifications, food safety, production operations, storage and customer service.

training content

  • Classification of restaurants

  • the cycle of receiving and preparing raw materials

  • Opening and closing procedures

  •   workspace Planning and processing in restaurants

  • Financial management of restaurants

  • Marketing and Branding design for restaurants

  • Procurement Management and selecting of suppliers in Restaurants

  • Managing inventory

  • Production management Human Resources  Departement

  • Food safety and international specifications

  • Customer service

  • planning Menu food list

  • utilities picking

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A vocational Certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Restaurants Management