Human Resources Management
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 40 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

Entrepreneurs, HR managers and executives who want to be able to manage HR professionally.

the aim of the program

This advanced training program aims to provide trainees with specialized expertise in human resources management that qualifies them to perform human resources management work at a high level of professionalism. including organizational development work, organizational structure design, workforce planning, job analysis, job description, training and development,Performance management and evaluation, compensation and incentives

training content

Phase I in human resources management:

  • Strategic Management of Human Resources

  • Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values of Human Resources Management

  • Preparation and design of the organization's effective organizational

  • structure Analysis and job description

Human Resources Planning:

  • Concepts of Human Resources Planning

  • Prediction of Qualitative and Quantitative Human Resources Needs

  • Concept of Demand and Supply of Human Resources

  • Modes and Methods of Disposing of Human Resources Deficits or Surpluses Practical Examples: How to Prepare the Organization's Human Resources Plan for Polarization and Recruitment:

  • Polarization, Selection, Appointment and Direction

  • Foundations and types of mental, physical and personal tests

  • Interviewing Methods for Selection and Appointment Scientific Methods for the Preparation of the Biography


  • How to plan traning from a strategic perspective

  • Change to the concept of "performance advisor" instead of the training manager

  • Defining the performance gap as a starting point towards identifying training needs

  • Methods of identifying training needs


  • The most important changes affecting the determination of wage rates

  • The level of wages provided by the organization compared to the level of the labour market

  • Material incentives

Managing and evaluating employees' performance:

  • Performance and Purpose Assessment Concepts of the Process of Evaluating Employees' Performance

  • Performance appraisal is the basis for making a number of decisions in the field of human resources management

  • Key elements of performance appraisal

Ways of retaining the Organization's human resources:

  • Human Motivation and Needs Theories

  • Positive and negative motives

  • Catalysis Tools and Methods

  • Effective management of moral incentives

  • Job Motivating Design

  • Relationships in the workplace

  • Job satisfaction

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A Certificate issued by Global Management

  • An international certificate issued by TUV Austria- optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Human Resources Management (Advanced)