Executive Secretary
Session duration Number of hours
4 hours Hours 24 hours Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • New graduates wishing to work in the executive secretarial function.

  • All eligible for a career promotion to get an office manager job, or executive secretary.

  • All those wishing to qualify for Executive Secretary or Executive Secretary.

the aim of the program

The program aims to provide participants with advanced skills that enable them to perform their secretariat duties and responsibilities efficiently, including effective communication, time management and the preservation of information in an orderly manner that is easy to refer to when needed and humanitarian codes of conduct in dealing with VIPs, heads and clients.

training content

  • The concept of secretarial and its relevance and types.

  • Excellence in modern secretarial work and contemporary office management.

  • Modern methods of secretarial development and skills development of private secretary.

  • Use modern desktop hardware, software and tools.

  • Organization of office work: dates, time, prioritization of work, preparation of agenda and writing of reports.

  • Communication and interaction skills, and the pressures of working in secretarial offices, in accordance with the rules of high humanitarian conduct.

  • Business ethics and ethics and their duties and their impact on the institutional work environment.

  • The concept of office management and organization according to modern methods.

  • Terms of reference, duties and responsibilities of office managers.

  • Behavioural skills related to the post of office manager, and the art of dealing with leaders and subordinates.

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • ِA Certificate issued by Global Management

  • An international certificate from TUV Austria- optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Executive Secretary