Food Safety
Session duration Number of hours
4 Hours 30 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

Owners of food companies, restaurants, engineers and executives or those who are interested in working in the field of "food safety"the one of the highest paid fields.

the aim of the program

This training program was designed to enable attendance to practically practice through many discussions and mutual interactions. Participants will also be able to return to their work and apply information learned in industrial management process in food that helps quality departments achieve optimal quality.

training content

  • General intro about the topic and the objectives of the training course

  • Recognizing the Key Elements for ISO 22000

  • Food Safety Management System

  • Understanding Food Safety

  • Identifying sources of food pollution and how to deal with them

  • HACCP program

  • HACCP Concept and History

  • HACCP Importance

  • HACCP Applications

  • The most important definitions and terminology relating to food safety

  • Understanding and applying the seven principles of the Hasab system:

  • Principle I: Risk Analysis

  • Principle II: Identification of critical control points

  • Principle III: settling and limiting of critical boundaries

  • Principle IV: Identifing monitoring and controling procedures

  • Principle V. identifing corrective procedures

  • Principle VI: identifing verificational procedures 

  • Principle VII: Identifing systems' records , documents and ways of preserving them

  • The six principles of food safety and how to deal with them during the stages of the food cycle include:

  • Food safety starts with

  • Professionals prevent contamination

  • Store smart

  • Trend to time and temperature

  • Wash clean – rinse clean – sanitize safety

  • Watch out for warnings

  • how to use the termometer correctly

  • the actual applying to HACCP inside the food establishment

  • Menu planning

  • Purchasing

  • Receiving

  • storing ,cooking and holding

  • serving

  • cleaning and maintenance

  • Recognizing the general requirements of the ISO system 22000:2018

  • Documentation requirements

  • Management responsibility

  • Resource Management

  • Planning and realization of safe products

  • Validation, verification and improvement of the food safety management system

what we offer

  • scientific Material

  • A certificate  issued by Global Management Group

  • An International Certificate issued by TUV AUSRTIA-optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Food Safety and ISO 22000:2018