Leadership in Hospitality and Hotel Services
Session duration Number of hours
3 Hours 24 Training Hour

the aim of the program

  • Developing the leadership skills of hospitality and hotel workers.

  • Recognize the importance of management leadership in contemporary organizations.

  • Highlight different theories of administrative leadership.

  • Introduction to the scientific concept of administrative leadership.

  • Upgrading managers' performance at different organizational levels.

training content

  • The concept and importance of managerial leadership.

  • Theory of qualities in leadership.

  • Theory of attitudes and circumstances.

  • Goal theory in leadership.

  • Group theory.

  • The psychological basis of leadership.

  • Management leadership patterns.

  • Chairpersons' functions in the field of management leadership.

  • Basic leadership skills and their successes.

  • Qualities to be found in leaders

  • Optimal leadership and succession of leaders.

  • Models of some driving problems and their treatment.

what we offer

  • sciantific Material

  • A vocational Certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism

  • An International Certificate issued by TUV Austria -Optional-

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Leadership in Hospitality and Hotel Services Training Course