Ticketing Course
Session duration Number of hours
ساعتان ونصف 2/30 Hours 70 Training Hour

The program is addressed to

  • All workers in the field of airline ticket booking and sales.

  • Who wants to work in the field of tourism and travel, which is one of the finest and most profitable types of business

the aim of the program

  • Upgrade the competencies of aviation bookings and use Amadeus skillfully and efficiently.

  • Enabling participants to work in major airlines, tourism and travel offices

training content

  • International aviation organizations

  • Aviation rights

  • Aviation shortcuts and city codes

  • World Geography and Location Study

  • IATA geographical divisions

  • Mileage System

  • Price calculation and pricing types

  • Introduction to Amadeus Airline system.

  • Basic skills and features that must be provided by a booking and issuing airline tickets.

  • Entry and exit tasks.

  • Reviews of different booking schedules on Amadeus.

  • Some tasks that help you to use the program professionally and know the different codes through the sistem.

  • How to build a booking file for the PNR customer.

  • How to deal with customers and answer their FAQs.

  • How to review your customer's booking file.

  • How to add the customer's miles card on the trip.

  • How to order customer-specific services such as meals, seat selection and other services.

  • Price reviews.

  • Pricing the customer's booking file.

  • How to issue the ticket.

  • Send customer tickets on their own mile.

  • Types of (que )and how to deal with them.

  • How to add passport data on the booking file

what we offer

  • Scientific Material

  • A vocational certificate issued by The Ministry of Tourism

The name of the program as it will appear on the certificate

Ticketing Officer Course